How to prove that antivirus is capable of detecting and removing Virus?

Hi there,

I want to know about Antivirus. Please tell me, how to prove that antivirus is capable of detecting and removing Virus?.

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To check anti virus is capable to detect

Use EICAR test file

you can download it from


simply copy and paste the following string in text file and scan with antivirus


check this post also for Malware database

Where to download thousands of virus samples for AV testing?

In order to detect latest virus and malware you need to update the Anti Virus database regularly

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Baselining is an important reference

Knowing exactly what is running on a computer is paramount to learning what shouldn't be. Creating a reference baseline is the best way I've found to accomplish this. Let's look at three applications that do just that.

1: Microsoft Process Explorer (formerly Sysinternals)

Process Explorer provides an excellent way to determine what processes are running on a computer. It also describes the function of each process.

More important, you can use Process Explorer to create a baseline of the running processes used by the computer when it's operating correctly. If for some reason the computer starts behaving poorly, run Process Explorer again and compare the scans. Any differences will be good places to start looking for malware.

2: Trend Micro's HiJackThis

HiJackThis is Process Explorer on steroids, making the application somewhat daunting to those of us not completely familiar with operating systems. Still, running HiJackThis before having malware problems creates a great reference baseline, making it easy to spot changes.

If it's too late to run a baseline scan, do not fear. Several Web sites offer online applications that will automatically analyze the log file from HiJackThis, pointing out possible conflicts. Two that I use are Security and If you would rather have trained experts help, I would recommend's HiJackThis forum.

3: Kaspersky's GetSystemInfo

Kaspersky has an application similar to HiJackThis called GetSystemInfo. I like the fact that Kaspersky has an online parser. Just upload the log file and the parser will point out any disparities.

GetSystemInfo, like the other scanners, is a good way to keep track of what's on the computer, and if need be, it can help find any malware that happens to sneak in.

Be careful: As I alluded to earlier, removing processes suggested by the scanners is not for the faint of heart. It requires in-depth knowledge of operating systems or being able to compare before and after scans.

Next, I'd like to discuss two vulnerability scanners.

It's simple: No vulnerabilities, no malware

Anti-malware includes any program that combats malware, whether it's real-time protection or detection and removal of existing malware. Vulnerability scanners proactively detect vulnerabilities so that malware can't gain a foothold. I'd rather update applications than chase malware any day.

4: Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) is a vulnerability scanner that detects insecure configuration settings and checks all installed Microsoft products for missing security updates. I recommend using MBSA when upper management needs convincing. Making a case for needing a vulnerability scanner is sometimes easier if the product is from the OEM.

5: Secunia inspection scanners

Secunia's scanners are similar to MBSA when it comes to Microsoft products. But unlike MBSA, Secunia products also scan hundreds of third-party applications, which gives Secunia a distinct advantage.

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  • Signature-based detection
  • Heuristic-based detection
  • Behavioural-based detection
  • Sandbox detection
  • Data mining techniques


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