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specialist and a round of teeth whitener lightening techniques techniques. This is the bling behind many happiness like the Khardasian's. However this was 5 in the past again when the house lightening industry was not yet where it is nowadays. In the last 3 years or so, the house teeth whitener lightening techniques items have increasingly gotten better and better. Each cool technique teeth whitener getting easier to apply and quicker to dry. Enter Idol white-colored, items endorsed by the Khardasian's ( whom better?) a teeth whitener lightening techniques kit that right away gives you shiny pearly whites. Idol white's makers didn't like the idea that you needed a mouth dish and had to wait for hours on end for the "glue" to keep and dry to your pearly whites before it worked, they wanted items that was simple to apply and it's performance would almost be instant This product does not use the un-weildly mouth dish anymore. Gone also is the lightening gel. This technique uses a pen like applicator, open the pen put it on your teeth whitener and your done! Apply it twice each


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