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About This Game

You are a space trooper. Your crew finished the cleaning mission and left you alone by accident. Now you are surrounded by aliens. They're not going to judge you or something, they just want to tear you apart in pieces. Prepare to die?

Fight them as long as you can. Your crew may help you later. Maybe one of squad members were also left here?

You have an arsenal of four weapons, which can be loot from bosses. And aliens will sometimes drop some other weaponry if not damaged.

That's it. Good luck.

  • Hardcore gameplay: are you a natural born alien hunter? Let's find out.
  • Retro-style pixel-art graphics: every sprite and background was drawn with love and care.
  • Retro-style chip sounds: do you love NES? Or maybe Famicom? Or Dendi? You have to check this game's sounds out then.
  • Impressive chiptune soundtrack by Awesome Force*: it is really great, you have to check it out.
  • Split-screen Co-op: you can play with your friend if you have an XBOX controller. Just contact them and try it out.
  • Steam achievements and leaderboards: did you achieve more than 1000 points? Or even more than 2000? Your friends will know about it. And they will be mad at themselves for being not the best gamers.

* — Codex EP by Awesome Force on the Bandcamp. If you like the soundtrack, don't be afraid to support the author for his amazing music. He will highly appreciate it! 6d5b4406ea

Title: Alien Attack
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation
Alien Jellyfish
Alien Jellyfish
Release Date: 21 Jun, 2016

English,Russian,French,Italian,German,Traditional Chinese,Simplified Chinese,Portuguese,Japanese,Ukrainian

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Saw the positive reviews and thought it'd be a fun game to pass some time. Realized about 10 min in that the entire game and all posible progression is entirely luck based. Having a good run isn't based so much on skill as it is on getting a sufficient number of powerups to randomly spawn, and not having too many of them be wasted on the useless ones like the missles or the temporary enemy slow.

Yes it's cheap, but I know of dozens of better mobile and flash games that are not only more fun, balanced, and engaging but also free. I probably would've gotten more enjoyment spending the money on a king sized snickers.. It's a retro pixel spacewar ripoff that kind of looks like it has CGA graphics but not really.

There's nothing new here and it's 2017. There's far better bullet hell/shmups out there.. Nice simple game :). A very good game, i like a lot, i am not an old person but makes me think of how were the games that people in 70´s played.. This is insane!
The controls are way too sensitive for such a small playfield
its way too easy to die
but i still enjoy this asteroids-game. When the game was named ZVEZDOLIOTIK it was unique, I loved the music, I adored the art style. I played with my boyfriend, he'd shoot and I'd move. Now that the game is named Alien Attack in Space, it's just like any old 99 cent game. We still call it ZVEZDOLIOTIK. We get bummed out about the new name every time we bring up the game.. no auto fire or hold to fire

0/10. no man sky meets C64
very poor german translation (come on even google translate would done it better than this)
why can't have my space trooper a different color than the opponents
nothing new, game becomes boring after 5 minutes. old school
+ addictive
+ don't have to goto or buy an Arcade to play it
+ no need to put in coins after you die
+ play with Gamepad or Arcade Stick Controller

10/10. Asteroids clone with CGA graphics

Alien Attack: In Space v1.0 now avaliable!:
— Multi-language support, added:

  • Traditional+Simplified Chinese language
  • Italian language
  • German language
  • French language
  • Japanese language
  • Portguese language
  • Spanish language
If there are some issues with translation, go to Discussions' tread and write there about it: it will be fixed ASAP.
— Bigger screen update: no more claustrophobia.
— Improved shooting and alien spawning mechanics
— DSG changed to Alien Jellyfish everywhere
— Added a bunch of palettes (15)
— Optimized code
— Transferred to a new engine (from GM:S to GM:S2)
— ... And some minor fixes. Alien Attack: In Space v1.02:
— Now you can make in-game screenshots and upload them into Steam!
— Death screen reimagined
— Added a new enemy (triple-shot alien berserker)
— Gamepad stick menu navigation implemented
— Some visuals changed
— Optimized some code
— A bunch of minor fixes. New update!:
- Minor fixes
- Full XBOX gamepad support
- Enhanced graphics. Double Cubes Released: New update!:
Finally highscore and all other stats (deaths, kills, palettes + settings) are saving for you on the hard drive space! WE FINALLY DID IT! LOL!
Happy alien hunting! :steamhappy:. Alien Attack: Zero v1.01 update:
— Added pause menu
— Added some graphic settings
— Improved backgrounds' parallax
— Added visual cooldown for abilities
— Russian Language support
— Lives fix (they were resetting between levels)
— Screenshots fix
— Minor fixes

Have fun playing!

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