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3 action games built specifically for VR in one package - Fracture (40 levels), Smash (20 levels), and Bowshot (24 levels).

Can you take down all 4 bosses, a 5d3b920ae0

Title: Arcade Saga
Genre: Action, Casual, Sports
2 Bears Studio
Vive Studios
Release Date: 8 Dec, 2016


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 SP1 or newer
  • Processor: CPU: Intel Core i5 459

English,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese

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First of all, I got this game on sale. If I had paid full retail price, I wouldn't have recommended this game. However, I do recommend this game at $5 or even $10. Each mini-game runs smoothly without any errors. There are power-ups and bonuses that enhance and add variety as you progress (along with added difficulty) and, of course, there are leaderboards. The main benefit is that you will get a workout (for those who hate to exercise otherwise). Not all 3 mini-games are of equal value however. Also, if you have a friend, you can PvP (you probably won't find a game otherwise but add me as friend if you want to PvP). Here's my review broken up: 1) Bowshot 9/10. This is the real gem from the "arcade saga." A lot of fun. Very fast action, you have to move around to avoid shots and quickly shoot back and/or powerup your shots. 360 degree moving targets, shooting at you so you have to keep moving, you get the idea, very challening and unlike some reviewer said, the LAB bow mini-game is NOT more fun LOL. I don't know any other bow game that is this fast paced and makes you move around as much as this with enemies everywhere. There's prettier graphics on other shooting games, but not one that will make you move as fast and shoot as fast as this. 2) Smash 7/10. Very fun, you get a nice workout. Reminds me of Ripcoil (Oculus) or Holoball. The graphics aren't as good as Ripcoil, but it has more variety in the gameplay. I like the small hallway, as it means you can focus more on small movements to return serve. So it's more about strategy and timing than moving physically fast. 3) Fracture 4/10. Very much like Boom Ball Kinect (almost exactly the same) or RacketNX (RacketNX is way more fun). It's hard to control the swing of the bat to make the ball go where you want. Very frustrating. Just not too exciting even if it was easier to aim. You move the least in this game as you mostly just swing (you can summon the ball close to you to hit it) So 2 of the 3 games are fun and even the last one is not bad for a change-up. Definitely buy on a deep sale.. It makes me move and sweat. Anything that makes me do that is good in my book. Time will tell, but I like this alot right now.. I love VR and have been so excited to see it grow, so I've been happy to buy a lot of less polished games for the sake of experiencing something new and supporting new studios doing VR. I was excited to see this because I imagined it as "first party" content. Something polished and worth waiting for. Wow. No. I was very wrong. This is probably the least polished and least fun game I have played on the vive. I bought it one of the first days it was out and all the reviews were glowing. "The kind of game that sucks you in" "You will want to play for HOURS." "The sound and visuals are top notch". It sounded perfect. I would be disappointed by this game if it cost even $5 because of how unfinished it feels. Free VR games have felt better. I look forward to each level ending to give me relief from having to play these games. The three games are incredibly simple and, more importantly, not fun. In all of them the physics feels so sloppy and floaty that it's hard to predict how to actually play/move. Bowshot is fast and chaotic but feels like you're just being assaulted by so many things that it's a race to (your) death. I would pick The Lab's archery game ANY day. Fracture has just the most insane physics, and to 3-star the levels, you have to destroy EVERY block. That isn't hard in a regular "brick breaker" game, but in this one you're standing in a room with block floating 100ft above you trying to hit a 1ft diameter ball at it. Not at all satisfying. I would guess that maybe I'm awful at this game, but even doing what seems to be terribly I'm in the top 100 global scores so.either no one is playing, or no one is winning. Smash is a little's like Holoball but worse. The physics again are weird and floaty, the impact of the balls feels off, the randomness of the powerups is bizarre. And it all takes place in what feels like a futuristic sewer pipe. That brings me to my next point. The visuals? Garbage. Muddy textures, no shadows, poor reflections, static background. It's really about as poor as I've seen in any VR game. The sound too makes me embarrassed for the creators. The voice of the main AI sounds like an announcer at Chucky Cheeses and they call themselves the "We" which, in that high pitched enthusiastic voice, is impossible to take seriously. All in all, I have not had any fun in this game, I am disappointed by what they delivered, and I feel faily lied to about what it was. The $30 price tag is outrageous for this type of game, but I can only hope they use those funds to make something more.. It makes me move and sweat. Anything that makes me do that is good in my book. Time will tell, but I like this alot right now.. I love this game, I play it often and it's great for working up a sweat and raising the heart rate. My only complaint is that I can't find any guide that describes the use of power-ups? Specifically, the little friends (or something like that) in Smash .. Boring game (mini-games in a game). Visuals average, music and sounds are bland. Bow shot was pretty exhausting (work out, not a game), not challenging and just boring. This also is the first game out of dozens of games that made me hit my controller hard two times. Happened in the gametype "smash". Funny eh? The game does not place/keep the player in a safe position so it's only a matter or time. Especially if you don't have a lot of room AND have expensive stuff around you, you better not buy this! I haven't played the 3rd gamemode since I stopped after destroying the controller. The game is too expensive anyway. There's many other games that deliver a much better experience for the money.. Very well made and a ton of fun. Good graphics, good gameplay, high production value.. I could recommend this game to a younger audience. I came into this expecting a somewhat deeper kind of experience. The bat and ball game is annoying because it's a tad repetitive and doesn't really ask for much strategic thinking nor reflexes. It would be cool if you had to hit a moving ball like you do in the next game I'm going to talk about. The 3D air hockey game has its moments. But hitting balls with shields just isn't that satisfying. The game, and only game this needed to be, was the ball and bat but in a small area like the 3D air hockey mode with tiles that incrementally come toward you until they reach you and its game over. That would have been a fun game. The arrow shooter game I found to be a bit tedious. Holding out a bow like that for a long time also strains your arm too much and makes the amount of time you can play the mode limited. Anyway, if you're 34 like me and want something deep enough to sink your teeth in, maybe look elsewhere. But if you're 12 and under, well, what are you doing? VR headsets aren't designed for kids. . .. Very well made and a ton of fun. Good graphics, good gameplay, high production value.. This is a quality game. Textures, animation, voice are all excellent. It's an arcade game and has online scoreboard where you can compete against many others for high scores.

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