Axis Football 2016 Free Download [Xforce Keygen]

Axis Football 2016 Free Download [Xforce Keygen]

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About This Game

Axis Football is an American football simulation featuring innovative aimed passing and massive customization.
We are back for our second season on Steam, and you're going to love the changes we've made!

New in Axis Football 2016

  • Massively upgraded graphics (shadows, textures, player models, and more!)
  • 100+ New Animations
  • Team mods (names, logos, uniforms, crowds, and more!)
  • Completely redesigned GUI
  • Franchise mode
  • Increased playbook size
  • Cheerleaders
  • Brand new announcer and QB audio
  • Extended Player Attributes
  • On-field graphics for each team
  • New player controls (Spins, Jukes, and Dives)
  • Camera controls
  • New stadium crowd graphics
  • New game setup options (day/night, weather, quarter length, uniform choice, and more!)
  • Unlimited uniform support for every team
  • Lots of templates for easy modding
  • Improved AI (blocking, passing, pursuits, and more!)
  • All new player and team ratings for all 32 teams

Game Modes

  • Player vs AI
  • Coach Mode (call the plays and watch the action)
  • AI vs AI (watched a simulated game, coming soon)
  • Local Player vs Player (two controllers)
  • Franchise Mode

Modable Features

  • Team names
  • Player uniforms
  • Cheerleader uniforms
  • Team GUI icons
  • Team mid-field logos
  • Team endzone graphics
  • Team stadium crowd graphics
  • Rosters (names, numbers, attributes, skin tones, and size)
  • Hot Routes
  • Announcer
  • QB Audio (cadence, snap, and audibles)
  • Stadium mods
  • Broadcast mods
  • Complete set of templates for easy modding

The Future of Axis Football

We think Axis Football is a lot of fun, but it's certainly not up to current standard for sports simulations in terms of graphics and depth of features. We made huge strides from last year and have even bigger plans for what we can accomplish next year. Your purchase and support of this game helps to make those plans a reality. We plan to release annual versions of the game with improvements to graphics, animations, features, and more! Let us know what you'd like to see in the game, and share Axis Football with your friends! 6d5b4406ea

Title: Axis Football 2016
Genre: Simulation, Sports
Axis Games
Axis Games
Release Date: 29 Jul, 2016


so far so good :) keep up the good work ... can't wait to see what else you add to this game ... not to mention its shocking how good this game .. Oh where to begin...

Up front: The Pros here are outnumbered by the cons. Do not buy unless you understand two things.
1. This is not anywhere near as good as Madden was well over a decade ago.
2. You're not paying for a superior football simulation so much as helping a (tiny!) developer create an alternative to EA.

-Decent number of mod options apparently available. None used so far, just the game "out of the box."
-Franchise mode! For when you're in it for the long haul.
-Quick Play mode...for when you want a...quickie.
-Passing game control using mouse is easy\/intuitive and innovative. Allows you to put the ball where you want.
-Good audible and hot route system, but no option to simply flip play direction at the line of scrimmage.
-32 teams to choose from...wonder how they arrived at that number...

Complaints and negative generally fall into the three categories below: gameplay, graphics and sound.

-No sense of physical inertia in the game at all. When there is a collision, players simply fall down at the point of contact.
-No substitutes. The players on the field are who you have, period.
-No injuries
-No fake punts or fake field goals
-There is only a small difference between how a lineman looks and handles on defense versus a defensive back.
-No defensive audibles.
-No real options\/special moves available if playing as a defensive lineman...or any defensive player for that matter.
-No instant replay or option to record matches.
-In a game with 10 minute quarters there was a grand total of ONE broken tackle. Spins and jukes are basically useless.
-Announcer is bland, repetitive and sounds like he is referring to powder puff football.
-Quarterbacks can throw the ball 95 yards in the air.
-Scale of field to players is off. Field feels like it is 30 yards wide, not 43 and change.
-Far too many dropped passes.
-Zero receiver animation in some cases, the ball simply bounces off a guy with arms at his sides.
-In first (only) game played, my QB had over 40yds rushing...but had no rushing stats.
-NO PLAY CLOCK. What time is it? Tea time you say? I'll leave my boys at the line of scrimmage for a half hour then!
-Game clock only moves 10 seconds at a time after a play. My team had 130 plays in a 40 minute game.
-Zero indication of when a quarter has come to an end other than looking at the clock.
-No wind or wind indications, even in the kicking game.
-Kicking and punting controls make it much easier to kick to the right than to the left.
-TINY PLAYBOOKs. All teams have same playbook with a total of up to 8 plays for each of the half dozen formations.
-On punts, kickoffs and incomplete passes, THE BALL DOES NOT BOUNCE when it hits the ground!?! (#VelcroBowl2016)

-Wideout animations are odd before the snap and freeze to the point they don't look alive till the snap occurs.
-Runner animations have a very high center of gravity and wierd arm movements. (Special Olympics, is that you?)
-Quarterback animation upon dropping back is same goofy one from Axis '15. Zero NFL QBs act\/look like they're chilling at the disco. Once you notice, you can't un-notice.
-Crowd sprites would not be awful if they had more than two colors and weren't in the shape of the stadium seats!
-1920x1080 resolution looks like 1024x720

-Announcer bland, repetitive and annoying. Zero references to team, field position, player name.
-After playing one game, started a second but quit out of annoyance because of a wierd persistent ringing tone.

Closing Thoughts:
I played a quick match to generate this review and quit during the second quick match because of a game bug. Despite the fact I won that first game 43-42 in overtime on pro difficulty, there were far too many shortcomings for it to be a satisfying gaming experience. I love playing football in real life, watching football on TV, playing football on consoles. I want to like playing football on the PC. Axis Football 2016 as a competitor to EA just is not there yet. We're not talking not in the same league, zip code, area code, my friend, that would be too kind. We're talking in terms of a pseudo third-world video game in comparison virtually across the board here. This is the kind of game that cohabitates the abstract space occupied by AK-47s and angry black people shooting other angry black people. This game had to learn DirkaDirka on the same streets as the neighborhood suicide bomber before it came across the border into the US, got on to Steam without a photo ID and voted 3,000 times in Florida and Idaho as an undocumented democrat. (I can't resist, it's an election year)

The feature set that is in place is decent enough, but the core gameplay itself is so unengaging and flawed that I would have to force myself through a season, and that's something I've never had to do going all the way back to the age of Tecmo. With ALL that said, I hate EA. I hate EA enough to shave my chest hair and eat it if they would simply stop being EA. I hate EA enough to give this tiny developer a thumbs up despite the fact their game probably doesn't deserve it. The effort put forth here IS somewhat praiseworthy for all the negatives. Football is not simple to simulate as compared to say, golf, and EA has had large, well-funded teams refine their product over many years. I want to support an alternative to EA very badly, but I also need to write a review that gives prospective buyers an idea of what they are purchasing. Do I regret paying $20 for this game? Kinda. If it were just the game, oh my yes. If it were just the game itself being judged, it is worth 5-10 bucks in my book. But you're not just buying a game, you're buying hope for the little man and hope for a rebirth of football on the PC that isn't run by the cash-grabbing *BLEEEEEP* at EA. All that said, odds are you're gonna want something better too, even with the lowered expectations from this review - you have been warned.

In the end, (<-that's this part of the review->) I give Axis 2016 only a 5 out of 10 but a thumbs up for heading in the right direction...that and not being EA.. A game that pales in comparison to Madden, but does show enough potential to keep me interested in how this series develops. I don't regret the purchase and recommend this to anyone who prefers PC gaming ot console gaming.
The passing mechanics are unique and a little annoying at first but with practice you should get better. Runnning the ball becomes much more difficult the bigger a lead you have and your O-line tends to disengage blocks sooner when you're ahead. Playing on defense is a little bland due to a lack of abilities and diversity when it comes to how players handle, and your D-lineman gnereally move too slow to sack any QB. I've had fun with this game thus far but can't imagine I'm going to invest as many hours as I have already in the first week in the future.
If you want a football game on your PC and don't like EA then please support this small developer.. The AI feels like a huge improvement over Axis Football 2015. In '15 I could get a sack every other play (I play on All-Star difficulty). In '16 I got 1 sack and actually lost the game. AI improvement alone makes this game far superior.. If you love American Football and are looking for an alternative to Madden, please give this game a chance. The graphics might be rough, but the game has come a long way since last year's version and the developer has some exciting plans for future content.

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