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Daemonical Download Highly Compressed Rar

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About This Game

Having ended up on an abandoned remote island you find yourself in a life and death battle against the evil coming straight from perdition.
Enter a terrifying multiplayer horror experience featuring sessions for up to five players, where any one of them has chance of becoming the bone chilling demonic entity that will try to slaughter the rest of the group.

Daemonical is an asymmetrical horror multiplayer game in which a group of people find an unfinished demon summoning ritual. With the demonic entity released upon the island, the players must find a way to send it back to hell or end up slaughtered.

Never knowing which one of them has become possessed by the demon, it is their decision to make on if they want to team up and trust each other or try surviving alone.

The humans are played in the first-person mode. In order to exorcise the demon, they need to find the missing ritual components and bring them back to the alter. Their only alternative is hiding and surviving until the dawn, when the sunlight will purge the demon from the grounds. They can use fire, which hurts the demon, or weapons and tools hidden around the island to their advantage. While the demon can’t be killed, he can be crippled, stalled and distracted.
The demon is played in the third person, needs to simply slaughter all the humans and prevent them from finishing the ritual. He is fast, agile, powerful and deadly.

The humans are stronger when they band together, but they are easier to find. Stay together or split up to avoid ending up in a group with a demon – it is for you to choose.

Will you go for the missing ritual parts, or just try to hide until dawn? Will you help the others, or just be a lone wolf – the game leaves that up to you.

When a player dies in the game, their soul gets separated from their body and they can float around the map in the shape of a glowing ball of light. He can light the way for the players, and find the demon and follow him so the others can see where he is.

Daemonical also features a positional voice chat, so you can tell the other players that are close to you your plan, or pick a strategy together, but be careful! The demon might be listening in.

Customize your character – pick your gender, choose between various player models, clothes, colors and symbols that you can put on your clothing.

Key Features:
  • Asymmetrical multiplayer
  • First person and third person playing mode
  • Dynamic time of day and weather system
  • Most of the map is procedurally generated
  • Tools and weapons randomly placed across the map
  • Big open landscapes
  • Positional voice communication
  • Fully customizable characters
  • Interesting locations and landmarks
  • Nonlinear gameplay
  • The most terrifying hide and seek experience in gaming
  • Scare your friends, or get scared with your friends!

Title: Daemonical
Genre: Action, Indie, Early Access
Release Date: 15 Aug, 2018


  • OS: Vista+
  • Processor: 2 Ghz
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GPU with DirectX 10 capabilities
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 2 GB available space


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Just bad overall. It's also so blurry and muddy looking that you can barely see.. Free weekend review*
So I've played a match and this game has potential, its fun, cant wait to see full game released!. Turns out my childhood bff is a psychomaniac satan demon 10/10. This game is amazing! So much fun either alone or with your friends! Definitely recommend!. I like the concept, the graphics look nice.
I'm eager to see the new update with guns and skills.

It is an early game now but gives a nice first look and has a lot of potentials.. I'd like to start this off by saying for being a game in such a young phase, I see a hell of a lot of potential. One of my closest friends found this game and was so excited to try it out, he gifted it to me as well. Right out of the gates, I loved the whole idea behind the game. The first round that my friends and I played, I was very pleased with how much fun we had with such an early release game. It just felt so good and so wrong that while me and another friend were running house to house looking for items and ritual parts, he had absolutely no idea I could turn into the demon at any given moment. It gave me an immediate look into how deception could play such a vital role in the fun of this game. There were bugs and it was obviously not the finished product, but it was fun for what it was.

What I liked:
The entire idea behind the game. The fact that the survivors can actually find weapons to fight back against the demon was a welcome addition that most 1v4 games lack. I also really enjoyed the way that when a survivor dies, they can still serve a purpose in that game by guiding other survivors by the guiding light that they take control of to guide other survivors to their corpse or to highlight the location of the demon.

What I disliked:
I hate to use the term "disliked" for the sole purpose that most of my dislikes were on the technical side of the game development, and I'm sure they will be cleaned up as the devs make headway on the finished product. The animations weren't terrible, but they were a bit robotic. With the survivors, the first person view didn't really feel all that natural, and the killer's turning and movement seemed a little too mechanized, and not like a actual creature responding to controls. The map seemed very fitting of an environment for the tone that game gives off, but I believe that without other maps or randomly generated variances to the previous maps, such as randomized houses and housing locations, it could get a bit stale and dampen the replay value.

My suggestions to the devs:
-Add a little map variance, it'll help immensely in keeping people wanting to go another round. The map that is there was fun to play, but if it's going to be the only map or one of just a few, it seems a little too vertical. The hills limited visibility of the landscape to both survivor and demon, and made it difficult to keep tabs of where you've been and where you need to go.
-Any kind of progression system would be a welcome addition, be it cosmetic or more playable demons, or unlocking points to spend in different skillls with your skill points. I feel like this one has probably been thought of but just not added into the game yet.
-Maybe add skill points to survivors too, gaining a max of 3 each game for example, and being able to spend them on perks like increased luck while looting for items, having one chance to break free of the demons grab with a quick stun, or a quick sprint burst that can be used once every minute or two.
-My group had issues with the mark on your hand that guides you in the general direction of the ritual parts. We once had all 4 survivors at the same house looking for the last piece, and all of our hands were glowing and pulsing rapidly. The last piece, however, was on the opposite side of the map. Just a bug to look into.

This game is going to be one to watch closely. I'm going to be constantly re visiting this game to test out new updates and keep tabs on the development. If you're looking to get in on a game that is going to be an extremely fun game to play with friends, throwing a few beers back and chatting and deceiving your pals, then go ahead and add Daemonical to your list. If you pick up this game, just please bear in mind that it is not the finished product. The game has a ton of potential, and the devs seem to be very receptive of feedback. If you want to take part in helping the devs test it out and see the growth of what I believe will be a very fun game, then go ahead and join the club and pick it up, as it's worth every bit of 15 bucks when you realize what you're paying for. Just please, for the love of all things good... DON'T pick up this game if you're looking for a completely polished, final product. And if you mistakingly purchase this game expecting it to be the flawless rendition that the devs are striving for, PLEASE don't leave a negative review nit-picking the minor technical issues and bash the game for other potential people that may want to give it a shot.

Side note: Try to get some friends on board with the game before you buy it, whether it be online communities or some buddies in real life, as the amount of people who have this game is slim and usually play in groups, so it takes a really long time to use matchmaking to search for a game.

For the stage that the game is in, and the quality of the premise of the game, I'm happy to give this pre release a 8/10. I'm extremely excited to see the future of this game, and I wish the devs the best of luck in the continued build of the game.. A pretty average survival horror game. Does nothing special. The scenery is nice, but thats the only really good thing about the game.. Game has great potential. Great graphics and great suspense. With a few tweaks and updates this game will be a lot of fun, especially with friends! Worth the investment.. The game doesn't load it takes forever.

Daemonical Early Access Teaser Trailer is out!:
Hey guys,

we are very excited to announce that our first early access teaser trailer is out!

You can check it out here:

We hope you enjoy the first sneak peek of our gameplay! In the meantime, make sure to sign up for the alpha that we are finishing up at this very moment:

If you have any questions or ideas, we are here to listen! Join our Discord server to get in touch: https://discord.gg/WrAwSte

More info coming up soon!
. Early Access Teaser Trailer #2 released!:

We have released yet another trailer for Daemonical! It is at least twice as awesome as the last one, check it out:
As you can see in the trailer, we have really worked on the looks, characters, demon shading, and other eye candy. All because of you guys! Many of you told us characters don't look on par with the rest of the game, so we did our best to make them look better.

We plan to release the alpha on Wednesday, May the 9th. First we will send out around 2000 keys just to try things out. When they break (and they probably will, as with all games), we will fix it, and send another batch. In 3-4 batches we will come to the total of around 9000 players that have applied for tha alpha so far. In case you don't get the key first, don't panic! You will get it in a day or two!

We hope to polish out the bugs, balance out the game and work a bit more on the mechanics through the alpha, and release it in Early Access soon after that, some time during Q2 this year.

As we are already in the Q2, needless to say, we are stressed out and working as hard as ever.

Last thing to mention is how thankful we are for all of your feedback and immense support throughout our channels. We talk with a lot of you on our Discord server ( https://discordapp.com/invite/WrAwSte ), so if you want to ask us a question or keep track of the game news, that is the best way to do it. Why don't you drop in and say hi?

We loved the ideas some of you left in our community discussions too, you can tell us what you think there as well: https://steamcommunity.com/app/779100/discussions/

Either way, feel free to leave your us questions and feedback in the comments as well.

We reply to each and every one of your messages. As a really small team, it takes a lot of effort to reply to all, but we feel that keeping in touch with our community is extremely important.

More news soon guys, thanks again for your support!. Testing continuing next week. Exciting stuff in the making!:

Hey everyone, just a quick update.

We will continue alpha testing in seven days, around Tuesday. Yeah, we know, the timer in the menu is wrong. Well it's fixed now, sorry about that!

The next test should take place on Tuesday, July the 17th, around 8 pm CEST. It should stay open for at least 12 hours, and it should feature the full game mode.

If anything changes, we will let you guys know both here and on our Discord.

The original plan was to do the test on Sunday, but that is when the World Cup finals are, and as a big portion of our alpha testing community follows football, we don't want to mess up their plans by clashing the testing with it.

In the meantime, we are preparing a big update blog post for all of you eager to hear what we are cooking.

What we can say for now is that the previous tests helped us IMMENSELY in terms of figuring out the play dynamics, dealing with the map size game design wise, and noticing some of our mistakes and wrong conclusions in the past about how the game should work and look.

In addition to that, you guys found a pile of bugs and we solved most of them by this point.

That is why we are taking so much time to fix it up, especially considering this should be the full game mode.

Thank you once again for your immense support and helping us out. Make sure to visit our Discord[discord.gg] and let us know about any ideas you might have!

Have a great week, and see you in the game soon.

Karlo. First Alpha Test Finished!:

We had a first alpha test today guys!

It was really small, with less than 10 people participating. Since we will be testing for the next ~2 months, we got enough time to take it a bit slower than we first anticipated. That is why we will continue to do smaller tests this week, with them expanding to a base of 10 000 alpha testers starting some time next week!

So if you didn't get your key yet, don't worry, you will surely get it in the next 10-15 days. For now we are keeping the player base tight until we test the core basics, since we don't want to have major bugs on a bigger scale alpha test.

The testing will be open on weekends for the first month, and as we get closer to the final version, we will make the tests more often.

What we are testing is multiplayer movement, lag compensation, server stability, and so on. We are not testing the real gameplay yet, since we are running the game in a sandbox mode for easier test of the core systems.

If you are really eager to try the game as soon as possible, join us on Discord, where we do this smaller scale testing for now: https://discordapp.com/invite/WrAwSte

The test went well, with bugs being mainly focused on non-crucial game systems, and easily fixable.

You can still apply for the alpha testing for the next few days: https://alpha.daemonical.com/

That is all for now guys, see you in the game soon. Thank you for your immense patience and support!. Alpha Testing Continues!:
Hey everyone,
we continue to alpha test on our Discord, preparing for a full blown private alpha which will start around 1st of June, with keys being send out a bit earlier. We will have scheduled alpha tests every few days.

So if you are not on our Discord yet, make sure to join us there[discord.gg].

Testing focus so far was on the shooting mechanics/player interaction, and we did a ton of work on it, ranging from bug fixes, implementing hit zones, lag compensation, gun modifications, new vegetation system, and so much more. Once we start doing a full blown alpha test, we will start a development blog where each update will be explained in full. Also we will likely hold AMA twitch sessions after each testing ends.

Thanks again for all of your immense support guys, and see you in the game soon! <3. Daemonical is out in Steam Early Access!:

Hey everyone,

after 4 years of work, here it finally is! Daemonical is out on Steam now!

Here is our OUT NOW trailer:

And now the real work starts! We plan to push out so many updates in the next few weeks, the work will be crazy!

Make sure to join us on our Discord: https://discord.gg/fearem

We talk with our players there every day, and gather their feedback, ideas and bug reports!

We plan to push at least 2 more updates today, and a big update tomorrow, which will fix so much stuff and lay the grounds for implementation of Demon skill system, new weapons, XP system and more!

Thanks to everyone for their overwhelming support, we couldn't do it without you guys!




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