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Original Title: Flicky

Genge: Action,Family












































A platform game in which you control a blue bird and gather all the other birds and have to bring them safely to the exit.
Rated E.

Flicky is one of the games that was included in my Sega Smash Pack 2 game collection.Now IMDb says this game was released in 1984 but I played it and it said it was released in 1991 on the title screen.Flicky is a fairly cute and fun video game but it is also very hard.You are a bird named Flicky(which apparently appears later on in Sonic The Hedgehog) and you must save other birds from tigers.The more birds you save the more points you get.You can also kick flowerpots onto tigers.This game is hard because its hard to predict the tigers pattern and its extremely easy to get caught by a tiger.Flicky is a fairly fun,cute but hard family game!The graphics like most if not all titles from the 80's are dated by today's standards but they were good for the 80's.

6/10 My review of "Flicky" on the Sega Genesis:

When it comes to most Sega Genesis games, many may think of Sonic, Ecco the Dolphin, Vectorman, Streets Of Rage, etc. However, there's also this game, which is definitely one of, if not the most unique game I've ever played. The plot is really not the biggest part of this game, as all it is is just a blue bird named Flicky taking its chicks to the exit door while avoiding bird-hungry cats. That's it. Other than that, there isn't really any plot to be seen. The visuals in this game are alright. Passable for 1991, I guess. All they are are solid colors with a few designs on them from time to time. Compared to games like Sonic, there is no competition. But, the visuals in this game work well with this type of game for the most part. The level design is basic for the most part, but the fact that it loops with everything still there adds more fun and challenging twist to the levels. I think the music in this game is pretty good, as it sort of reminds me of shows I watched as a kid with its fun and high pitched melodies. The gameplay in this game is great. The premise behind is simple, but it works well. As I stated earlier, the goal is to avoid the bird-hungry cats as you take the chicks to the exit door at the end of each level, and it can get fairly addicting. The bonus stages are awesome too, as you catch the chicks with a net for a better score and/or extra life, which can come handy, as the levels do get harder as you progress. Overall, this game is an overall good Sega Genesis game, as it's great gameplay and fun and adorable music and premise make this game one to have in your collection of Sega Genesis games. I recommend anyone who is looking for a puzzle and/or platforming games to check this game out, as it does both genres relatively well. In conclusion, this game is definitely unique, but it's still a fun and adorable game, albeit somewhat basic at times.

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