Okay everyone, now I have been trying to find this guy for quite a while now and finally thanks to my friend Linh who finally gave me some intel regarding his whereabouts, I was told that Dr House was holding a workshop for one day at the end of the week. As soon as I got the e-mail, I had to sign up. Thankfully, the first few entrants were able to attend the event free of charge and I was among the first (I literally signed up minutes after getting the e-mail from Linh).

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So who exactly is this Dr House and why was I anxious to find him? Well just to clarify, his name is Gordon Ku and in fact he doesn't really have anything to do with the Dr House we know from the TV show House MD other than the fact that he is, as you may have guessed, a doctor himself. Now I didn't get excited about attending a workshop about medical practice all day on a Sunday - the name Dr House is actually a nickname that he got simply from the fact that he is a medical doctor who also teaches about PROPERTY. To avoid confusion, he doesn't teach about applying medical practice in buying houses or investment strategies when performing surgery - that's certainly not the case here.

A bit of background on Gordon, he was actually a medical student who became a doctor and practiced for several years (he was also into surgery at some point) until he realized that this career path just didn't seem to give the kind of lifestyle that he wanted. Finally waking up to the realization that property was the means for him to achieve his goals, Gordon has immersed himself to the point where he has achieved a level of proficiency, perhaps even a level of mastery in terms of buying, investing and deal-making strategies.

Now I bet some of you are probably thinking, but oh what's the difference between him and the other property giants like Otton, Crutchfield, Rolton, etc.?
I've heard them all speak and yes they're all very good. I am however, a little slow when it comes to these things and although what they talk about are very similar (vendor finance, options, etc.), they have slight variations in their teaching style and perhaps the timing for me did not have me ready to take in the information at that time. And also, I don't really have 5-6k in my back pocket to sign up to a course or two (which I'm sure are very good) to teach me the works.

Visit this web site for more information 

I Will Buy House

Company Name: I Will Buy House
Address 12918 Mukilteo SPDWY, C-23 #105 Lynnwood, Washington 98087
Phone Number 206-231-5864
Google Map URL https://goo.gl/maps/32wcp4fX6ExhyKYWA

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