FSX: Steam Edition - Treasure Hunt Add-On Crack Download Pc Kickass

FSX: Steam Edition - Treasure Hunt Add-On Crack Download Pc Kickass

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Step back in time to the golden age of the classic adventure serial, and join archaeologist/adventurer Rick Rider as he searches the globe for the lost Treasure of Patit.

Developed by Jane Whittaker, Treasure Hunt features a custom liveried Grumman Goose, an amphibious aircraft, which is included in FSX: Steam Edition. This period aircraft makes the perfect companion as you fly 20 perilous missions around the world in search of the mythical treasure trove.

Solve and follow a series of clues in each flight that will guide you ever closer to Patiti. You will be expected to battle through major thunderstorms, cross-winds, engine failures and much more. IN addition, you must try to stay one step ahead of a ruthless rival archaeologist who will stop at nothing to reach Patiti and deprive you of your prize!

All the missions are voiced by a team of professional actors, which bring Rick Rider and his companions to life by faithfully recreating the style of vintage radio adventure serials. Treasure Hunt also features a stunning selection of vocal and instrumental jazz tracks, to set the mood.


  • Twenty challenging missions around the globe
  • Puzzles to solve to find your next destination
  • Custom mission voiceovers
  • A large selection of jazz and big band music
  • Custom Grumman Goose livery

Title: FSX: Steam Edition - Treasure Hunt Add-On
Genre: Simulation
Jane Rachel Whittaker
Dovetail Games - Flight
Release Date: 20 May, 2016


its a very nice add on as you can fly around the world and your finiding treasure pretty cool!. Bought in sale,well worth the price ,in fact would have paied full price .
Really entataining missions ,having to use internet to solve some of the clues .
All in all very very happy with this purchase.
Andyinfrance. I'm a missons junkie, I like the adventure and exploration although most missions are way overstated and exaggerated
with their dramatic description and stories because most misions are just point to point flights with not much excitement.
Engine failures and bad weather are some of the highlights of an average mission. The missions that came with Steam are in my opinion much better than the free DLC ones, for that fact, better than the ones I paid for which includes Treasure Hunt. The very first mission seems bugged. During engine loss, and following all the engine shutdown procedures, the left engine, running on full power and max prop rpms is still not strong enough to keep the goose flying, a slow power loss forced me to land on the water, time and time again. The second and third missions worked OK but still just point to point flying with some dialog in between, nothing interesting. The fourth mission, unfortunately crashes FSXSE to the desktop.
I panicked, resinstalled the game and the missions, still crashes on the fourth mission. All other flights, including other missions work just fine. I can not recommend this DLC, trying to get a refund or some help somewhere in case I'm
doing something wrong but I would rather fly than fix something that should be working.

Akeel. DEFINITELY broken. Mission 1 impossible to take off without crashing, other missions boring AF in my opinion. Couldn't get a refund cause of stpd Steam system (it thinks I played this DLC for more than 8 hours, but I only played FSX main game).... Mission 1 is a b....! Far to hard to be called a "Beginner" mission.
Expert missions in standard game are easier than first mission in this ad-on.
I've tried to complete it so many times now, and I still chrash, even after taking notes from ravenshammers comments.
Poor guides on YouTube, so not much help there...
A shame really, because I was really excited about the add-on.. The 4th mission crashes on my PC and FSX freezes :(. This is actually terrific fun. A mixture of Indiana Jones in my Flight Simulator, am up to mission 12 and really enjoying it. Some missions I had to re-do a couple of times because I was not up to the challenge of flying the aeroplane properly when I had a failure or did not work out what I had to do in time. Great challenge, much better than the default missions you get in the SIM.. I like flying the Gruman goose. The challeges are mostly to get the rewards, and not falling a sleep on the long boring flights. THE MUSIC IS TERIBLE THANKS FOR THE "Q". i BOUGHT IT CHEAP. Save your money, first mission the engine catches fire not even 1000ft above the ground and behave unaturally, besides suggesting that you should gain altitude as fast as possible isn't really realistic anyway...

I have tried different times and the plane really does not stay up (certified pilot for over 4 years here...) waste of money and it seems that no one is looking to update this addon...

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