Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love Collector's Edition Download Ubuntu

Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love Collector's Edition Download Ubuntu

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About This Game

Vampires have gotten a bad rap. Take Count Dracula for instance. People think all he wants to do is suck their blood, but in truth, he wants the same things everyone else does: food, shelter, and love. He won't settle for just any woman, though, so when a man-hungry princess takes a liking to him against his wishes, he does the only thing a red-blooded (or an undead) male can do: run!

As Dracula flees across a richly drawn but ravaged fantasy world, he'll come across people who need help. Your job is to guide the famous vampire and his minions as they gather resources, restore villages, and fight off a legion of enemies. To complete each captivating quest, you'll need to not only manage your resources well but also work quickly, as the princess will never be far behind! Fortunately, the Count can acquire several items that can give him a boost, such a ring that allows him to be in the sun and magic shoes that enable him to work faster. He can also learn to make potions and craft new items!

This special collector's edition of Incredible Dracula includes a thrilling bonus chapter, a step-by-step walkthrough, a downloadable soundtrack, desktop wallpapers, and more!

With simple but enchanting gameplay, a vibrant and charming world to explore, and dozens of challenging levels to complete, Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love Collector's Edition will take a big bite out of boredom!

Moreover, this game includes Steam Trading cards and Achievements (34!)! 7ad7b8b382

Title: Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love Collector's Edition
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Strategy
New Bridge Games
Alawar Entertainment
Release Date: 29 Nov, 2015


  • OS: Windows XP or later
  • Processor: 1.4 GHz
  • Memory: 1500 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 256 MG
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 1 GB available space


incredible dracula chasing love collector's edition. incredible dracula chasing love collector's edition walkthrough. incredible-dracula-chasing-love-collector's-edition

Only a part way through the game atm and I am absolutely loving it! I bought it as a self reward for a successful week's work and boy what a fantastically fun reward it turns out to be! Wonderfully colourful graphics, intriguing and funny storyline, enticing music and superb time management gameplay with plenty of levels to sink your teeth into :). Quite fun. If you want a challenge there are two decent modes, but if you want the fun without the frustration you can still get every achievement in Relaxed Mode.. great game - i highly recommend it. funny and challenging.. I like this game. Its got humour, hidden objects and harder levels than the normal time management games. Plus an extra chapter at the end. Hours of fun.. This is an awesome Time Managment game & like this Halloween Game a lot. This game is really fun & really addicting. I have played over 100 games like this & I say this is the best one so far. Great Job Developers.
. Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love Collector's Edition:

Our dear Count Dracula is looking for L.O.V.E. and enrols in a dating site on the Magical Internet on a quest to find the perfect other half! However, as he is new at this dating business, he quickly finds out that the photo display on a profile may not be the real deal. Well, put yourself in his coffin! He expected to date a beautiful lady Vampire, not a human princess who is looking to steal his freedom! That would be a shock if your name was Dracula! In any case, Count Dracula has 45 days to rescue the princess from unrequited love. That’s going to be b.l.o.o.d.y hard!

Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love Collector’s Edition is a Strategy / simulation type of game where you have to achieve one or several objectives in a minimum amount of time per level to claim three golden stars. Here, you will control count Dracula minions (or workers). They will have to pick up resources such as: food, logs of wood, stones, tools and money. These items will help you to repair run-down buildings like the famous hamburger place, “Blood Donald!” Also, the road will have plenty of obstacles to remove and it will cost you food every time you do so. Make sure you have plenty of this resource in your cape! You will have access to some special abilities - to speed up building construction, remove obstacles – to speed up your minion movement or even stop the time for a little while, which will help you to earn your 3 golden stars at the end of each level. If you find a specific level too hard, you can refer to the strategy guide, which is really helpful and has great hints. In terms of modes, this game has three - Normal mode if you are an experienced player, Multi-click mode, which allows you to assign multiple tasks to your workers, and Relaxed mode, which does not have a time limit.

On top of that, you have to find and collect other items which are scattered within all levels. If you are like me, you probably hover over without noticing them, but look for gifts, black cats, portraits and statuettes.

I really like the graphics and animations. I especially like Rufus listening to music while standing behind a lawn mower (first level), very funny! You will use your mouse to give an order to your minions or to Count Dracula. The soundtrack is good and reflects the game very well.


- 45 levels in the main game + 15 in the bonus chapter
- Good graphics and animations
- Good tutorial & Strategy guide
- Fun Gameplay and challenging
- Achievements and trading cards


- Can be very hard to get the 3 golden stars from an early stage (normal mode)

Sometimes chasing L.O.V.E can bite you straight back in the bum. Just ask Dracula! Great game to have in your library!


Key provided by developer/publisher for review purposes. Any opinions expressed are entirely my own!


. Only a part way through the game atm and I am absolutely loving it! I bought it as a self reward for a successful week's work and boy what a fantastically fun reward it turns out to be! Wonderfully colourful graphics, intriguing and funny storyline, enticing music and superb time management gameplay with plenty of levels to sink your teeth into :). I first got this game as a filler game from a make your own bundle, from first glance with the images i thought this game was some kind of tower defence and didnt hold much hope ( im just not a fan of tower defence games)

I finally decided to give the game a try and boy was a suprised. The story while simple was amusing gave me a smile at least. the graphics where simple and appealing to look at and the game play was fun.

Simply but this game is a sort of resource managment, collect food, wood and stone to progress through the map to accomplish objectives to make it to the next level. Very simple concept easy to learn and easy to get to grips with to the point of it being very easy to adapt to when a new addition is included (i.e. tools and money) and abbilities (build faster, move faster)

the biggest gripe is have about this game is that the levels can be long which in it self isnt a problem especially early on, but when you get later in to the game you have to think more about how to go about things or else you will trap your self with no food, or wood or stone to continue. and thats when it becomes a problem as you have to restart and redo the past 20mins.

overall this game is cheap and worth the money. its a great game to sit down and play for a couple hours or just to play 1 level if you're waiting for something else. really, really sexist. A pretty good casual time management game.
60 levels, lots of hidden collectibles, a good crafting system and very polished graphics.
There is also plenty of challenge in the game if you are a 3-star completionist.

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