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This DLC includes the original Version of Jagged Alliance 2 (released 1999)

About Jagged Alliance 2

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Title: Jagged Alliance 2 Classic
Genre: RPG, Strategy
Sir-Tech, I-Deal
TopWare Interactive
Release Date: 1 Apr, 1999


  • OS:XP / Vista / 7
  • Processor:Intel or AMD Singlecore CPU
  • Memory:512 MB RAM


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Very hard, good gaem.. Purchased 25 Feb with the Classic HD mod 1.13 included. Today 5 March I check game and HD 1.13 has been taken from my library. Now I have 2 copies of the original game(which I never wanted or need) and nothing to show for my dlc purchase. This is a classic case of being robbed and kicked in theu2665u2665u2665u2665u2665by the seller and steam.. So, this is actually a 1.13 patchmod from Jagged Alliance modders. That mean that the game changes are big, this is actually not Vanilla HD mod. And the vanilla Jagged Alliance 2 is non-HD only. So here some of my thoughts: 1. You don't have to download the free 1.13 mod from the JA forums. 2. Changes to gameplay is ok, but this isn't an JA2 that new-comers should play. 3. To launch HD mod you have to do some manipulation, which is not good. Like, why i have to delete some files from game data and download ddraw.dll fixes? Shame on developers. 4. Still, i'm a big fan of 1.13 mod, it have some perfect changes: you can create up to 8 characters in I.M.P, and the squad-size is increased up to 10 mercs. More-mercs - more shooting - more shooting - more tactics. But option of creation full-custom party is a big "maybe": you dont have to waste much money on A.I.M. mercs, but no fun from mercs dialogs and character. 5. Vanilla JA2 is still have low-resolution, yeah, you got me TopWare, i have two JA2 copy on steam, but with different names.Oh, and i should remember this awesome 2CD version that i got in 2008. Well, i'll recommend this "dlc" to lazy-gamers (as i am) that don't want to install anything, and just want to play. And strongly not reccomend to others, this mod was free for a long time, if modders get some profits from it - that will be good, if not - shame on developers. Update #1 - Publisher removed the 1.13 mod from the store, so this dlc is not worth the money anymore.. One of the best games I have ever played, but here on Steam for Mac? Does not work whatsoever. In the very beginning it worked for nearly 3 hours. After that, it does not even start.. I bought this for the 1.13 mod included and to have it all on Steam. The developers have now REMOVED the mod from the game and yet I still can't get a refund. The developers don't seem like they have a clue what they're doing and actively removing features isn't on.. Runs very smooth on SSD and Windows 10 64Bit. All Languages (English, German, French, Polish and Russian) are supported, text and voice over. Just amazing! For like 2 Bucks, love it. This game, xcom apocalypse and Fallout 1/2 are the best games for a single island. But i hope you noticed, it is somehow a DLC for jagged alliance 2 wildfire, so you have to buy that first, if you don't already own it. Also you have to start this Classic DLC, if you click on Jagged Alliance 2 Wildfire. But it is fine for me, 1,4 GB are nothing.

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