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Lord Of The Dark Castle Crack And Patch

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About This Game

Lord of the Dark Castle is a casual turn-based retro style roguelike dungeon crawler with elements of strategy. Move/attack in Your turn, and the Monsters move/attack in their turn. Each level is randomized and will introduce new monsters as the Hero reaches deeper down into the dungeon. The game is played in Hardcore Mode, meaning no Save Game - death is permanent!

Creator's Visions and Goals with the Game

  • In this game, the monsters are alive: they loot items, use EXACTLY the same armor, weapons and spells as the Hero. Monsters that have gold even go into the shops and buy gear before your Hero gets the chance!
    • Casual, Fast & Easy to get started. Give it a go, and see if you get a good start with Fat Loot!
    • This is STRATEGIC dungeon crawler - NOT a no-brain-dungeon-brawler! Casual does NOT mean easy! Normal mode is pretty difficult, and you may have to try many times before you win the game.
    • Hand painted 2D art in high resolution, using Dark Gothic style.
    • Big replay value! Every new game is a new experience. Level randomness, monster spawns and different skill choices makes up for lots of variety.
    • No Skill Dependencies - Experiment freely! Each skill provides an important strategic advantage on its own.
    • Every hit counts! Making a move that ends next to a monster will let the monster hit first! Don't let that happen.
    • All monsters have unique strengths. An "ordinary thief" may even be worse than a dragon! (Yes... you will see...*evil*)
    In this game monsters are alive. Fewer, harder, more intelligent mobs to provide an interesting challenge.

    On Win64 systems (e.g. Win7, Win8), the game supports 25 integrated Steam Profile Achievements and Stats.


Title: Lord of the Dark Castle
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, Strategy
Craze Creative Studios
Craze Creative Studios
Release Date: 20 Apr, 2015


  • OS: XP/ Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Storage: 350 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: JRE is bundled with the game. Steam Achievements only supported for 64 bit systems.


So i died about 3-4 times before i managed to beat the game. The game is very short or atleast it was for me. I finished it within an hour i believe. Half later of the game became completely unchalleging as i just went around killing everything with a scythe i found that restored like 20% of the damage i cause to my HP (I forget the exact percentage but it was around there). So i basically felt immortal and was just rampaging through the game. Oh and then came a glitch or i believe it was a glitch maybe around lvl 9 where every time i killed somebody i got an extra skill point. So within the hour of playing i had a weapon that made me immortal and later a glitch that gave me every skill in the game you can have. Oh and then i found some kind of orb i think and i beat the game.

This should be a game on some kind of third rate website not on Steam.. A great little roguelike. Nothing exceptionnaly original, but it definitely looks solid enough as well as entertaining. The price is right too, and the dev seems to be willing to enhance the game based on feedback and suggestions.

I do not have enough game time yet to judge the interest on long term, but I see no reason not to recommend this game.. Just another generic roguelike...not bad but not good.
And you cannot play in window mode.. I really wants to like the gameplay, however it has some things which creates a rather frustating experience and make the game feel less fun to play which I hope developer fixes. Otherwise there is a risk it will be easily forgotten few monthes later.

1. It's how you die which feels to much of a random affair. For example, there are to many traps which instant kills you, which you have no chance of avoiding with your eye (personal skill) or character skill. This leads often to an instant death which you can't control at all which leads to a waste of time playing the game in the first place. Either make the traps less deadly (higher chance you survive them) or at least let you have a decent chance avoiding them, so the game feels less lucky based.

2. I also hope developer invest more time making the game a longer experience so it takes longer time finishing the game than 1-2h or so. Yeah, I know it's supposed to last that long but it feels a bit short. Make the game last at least 5+ hours.

Other than that I like how most characters and mobs looks like. I will update my review if the game becomes better regarding the issues I have with the game. I don't recommend this game as it is, but hopefully in the future.
. Fantastic casual yet very deep fantasy rogue-like dungeon crawler that is very impressive for both early access and its price on this first day of it's early access launch!

Check out my 'Review on Early Access Launch" video here:
www.youtube.com\/watch?v=nlQTo6VI0Bw\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noreferrer\" id=\"dynamiclink_0\">https:\/\/www.youtube.com\/watch?v=nlQTo6VI0Bw<\/a>

This games offers a wide variety of monsters, loot, and situations that will mean that no two games will ever be alike!

It's very casual and slow paced turn based game play gives you time to make tough decisions and plan out your next move, but it offers fascinating depth with more stats, information, and feedback that you can shake your sword at! Because your death will be permanent, every decision you make could be critical, every fight you encounter could be your last, and every chest you open could be the secret to your success!

Awesome game for the price, I am very impressed...

Value: 40 out of a possible 40
Fun Factor: 24 out of a possible 30
Controls\/Bugs: 16 out of a possible 20
Graphics & Sound: 7 out of a possible 10
My TOTAL Score for Lord of the Dark Castle: 87%

For the price, this game offers both roguelike game fans, and RPG Dungeon & Dragon fans a HUGE value for their dollar! Don't miss it as this is a truly special Indie RPG gem!. Easy to learn and play, but hard to win. Be prepared to die a lot and pray for better luck next time.
. This game could be fun,but it isn't.It needs work.If you encounter a spider either run away or try to get close enough to kill it.If you don't it webs you then eventually kills by spitting poison on you and there is nothing you can do.If they don't get you the spectre's will.I cleared the first level(despite the spiders) and then went looking for the entrance to the next level.(couldn't remember exactly where I had found it.)I had 2 healing potions 4 anti-poison potions a great weapon and armor,and full health.While looking for the entrance to the next level I was attacked by a spectre,then another and another and ..well you get the picture.I died trying to get to the stairs to the next level while at full health and 2 potions on me.This while playing on easy.Very frustrating.Vampire's are almost impossible to kill,no fun fighting one until you die.Also a couple of times I went to a pile of gold and the game just stopped working.I could move my mouse and exit the game but I couldn't get my guy to move no matter what I did.If they fix all the bugs,no pun intended,it would be a fun game to play.. Great game and if you like games like Tales of Maj'eyal, Dungeons of Dredmor, or even Desktop Dungeons you should like this. It does things differently when it comes to leveling up with all skills choices open on your first level up and you pick what fits your playstyle and whats happening at the time you level up. It also does health differently with no constant health regen between turns meaning you can only heal from potions and spells. The game has cool levels,enemies, and loot with secrets and portals sprinkled in. At 5$ you really can't go wrong with this game and the dev already has a good list of things planned. BUT it is EA so you know how that goes but dev seems active and passionate about his game. I recommend this game and if your worried you won't like it there's a demo so you can try before you buy.

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