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Siegecraft Commander Download] [Password]

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About This Game

Real-time or Turn-Based Strategy

Siegecraft Commander offers a real-time strategy (RTS) single-player campaign, while providing both turn-based and RTS options for high-stakes multiplayer matches!

In turn-based matches, plan the location of the towers, units and walls in your fortress to outmaneuver your foes, then tactically think and precisely aim when starting your attack! In real-time, quickly construct a base that can win the war and start an all-out offensive. Both offer easy-to-learn strategic elements combined in subtle ways to yield a rich tactical experience!

Web of Control

Siegecraft Commander hosts two-sided battles where each faction must destroy the other’s central base, known as a Keep. Players build a network by aiming and launching new towers from existing structures, advancing toward an enemy’s Keep while bolstering their own defenses.

Let the Dominos Fall

When a tower is destroyed, any descendant structures it helped create fall like dominoes. Precise aim is vital when launching TNT barrels, cluster mines and other projectiles at ground units and opposing structures; one well-placed shot can take out the majority of an opponent’s towers or units!

Tower Tech Trees

Every tower boasts a distinct advantage; a Barracks generates foot soldiers that advance into enemy lines, while Ballistas act as passive defenders against air-based units. Learn the pros and cons of each unit as you send them into battle and master the art of war!

A Story of Intertwined Destinies

Play through the stories of the Knights of Freemoi and the tribal Lizardmen. The Knights are greedy treasure hunters and the Lizardmen are led by a psychotic Shaman, yet their stories are connected in ways you might not expect. Learn the secrets of the medieval world of Siegecraft and uncover the true evil that hides within!

Single-Player Campaigns

Play as the Knights of Freemoi or the tribal Lizardmen. Penetrate the puzzle-like defenses of pre-designed enemy fortresses. Defend against waves of enemies using Tower Defense-like strategies, while expanding your base and destroying the unit-spawning structures.

Multiplayer Matches

Engage in local hot-seat or online internet multiplayer, with a selection of different optional game rules, maps, and game modes and AI bots to choose from.. Siegecraft Commander has a match-making system which groups you with 1-3 other players quickly and across compatible platforms.


Title: Siegecraft Commander
Genre: Action, Strategy
Blowfish Studios
Blowfish Studios
Release Date: 16 Jan, 2017


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Siegecraft Commander is a welcome addition to the VR RTS genre. The gameplay is rather unique, and works. The graphics look great in VR, and seem quite optimzed. Only thing I really miss is "graphics options", which by my opinion is a must for VR games.. freezes when i click the campaign button. i really like the look of this game, just let me play LUL. Full controller support, does not say more or less that a controller is required. I went to look at the controls and there is no mouse and keyboard controls listed, so I have no idea how to turn the map or anything with mouse and keyboard. It doesn't seem you can delete a tower after you place it either. Maybe I am wrong about these things? No idea, can't find help about this anywhere.

Awful voice acting, it just gets annoying to the point I want to skip it as fast as I can.

I thought you could build walls, it looked like a real fortress builder in the screen shots, but it is not, that is just the connectors from one tower to the next. The Base Building part was what lured me in, but it is not actually base building, just tower placement with automatic connectors. Not the same thing at all.. I played on the VIVE and it was a great experience.

I played it till my neck started to hurt from looking down so much, wish i could rotate the board and play the lazyway on my bed. Tons of fun, an INCREDIBLE addition to the tabletop style of VR. Although i haven't found a feature that lets me save my game in case i want to take a break or something, the game is still great. I tried it both in VR and normal and VR is way cooler! you can see the entire board and whats going on, get up close in personal with the battle and just sit down and play. Catchy music too. OH, and i forgot to mention the audio cuts out on the characters on some maps or it just isnt there.

9\/10 because It's an awesome game, but my neck hurts after playing for a while and can't save (to the best of my knowledge)
. Unique Twist On RTS Genre<\/b>

I've been looking for a game that would let me sink a lot of hours into a single experience in VR since the Vive was released. I'm early in my time with this one, but having heard of this primarily as a console game, I thought this could have some legs. It's looking like I was right so far! The RTS system is novel, building out your "empire" like nodes or a web. It means you have to think about your placements as there's a heirarchy to what can build what. For example, Outposts can build armouries, but armouries can't build outposts. So think ahead and make sure you have room for expansion!

This may seem rambly, but I wanted to get some rough thoughts up so there weren't random complaints turning people away from a solid RTS.

If you're a traditional gamer who likes strategy, this is a solid game. But if you own VR and have waited for a game to sink your teeth into, this seems to be it. It's not a tutorial funneling you into multiplayer no one is playing (it does have multiplayer, but it's cross-platform so it's likely to be much more vibrant). And it's not a 2 hour "experience" that is exhilarating for a short afternoon, but then never touched again. This is a VIDEO GAME!

If you have an HTC Vive, get Siegecraft.. Siegecraft Commander is an interesting take on the RTS form, where instead of constructing buildings to spawn units which you would then micro, you are managing a variety of structures. First is your Keep, which is your home - losing it means a loss. From here you can spawn a variety of buildings, such as Outposts<\/b>, a sort of cannon-fodder structure used to rapidly expand your base, Garrisons<\/b>, which can spawn unit-spawning buildings as well as repair utilities, and the Armory<\/b>, which is used to build offensive structures.

One of the important things to note is that many towers you build will not automatically fire. There is skill involved in gauging distances, including taking into account terrain and spell modifiers, when firing your cannons, trebuchets, and the like. If you are able to out-aim your opponent, you are likely going to be able to get away with some crazy strategies.

So far I have played through the Lizard campaign, save for the last level in it. Each campaign is 8 levels long. The levels can take anywhere from ten minutes to fifty, depending on how well you are performing. There is a significant ramp-up in difficulty as the game progresses, but I didn't mind this since I felt the first levels were rather easy (though rightfully so, being introductory).

I would certainly recommend this game for fans of the RTS genre, as long as it is acknowledged going in that this will not be a typical RTS in terms of managing units. There is plenty of strategy to be had, however, and I'm excited to get into the multiplayer for games at a skill above what the campaign AI can provide.

The game appears to have VR support, though I do not own a Vive, etc. with which to test the quality of the VR version of the game. I can say that the mechanics do seem like they would support a VR experience well, so I would be interested in seeing it played that way.

If you are interested in seeing the game played at an introductory level to get a gist of how things work, I would recommend the\/watch?v=KIlUOeOPVz4&t=0s\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noreferrer\" >Outside Xbox let's play<\/a>, it was how I found out about the game, and while it might not be the highest level gameplay, it will certainly help you understand the basics.

Edit 2017-01-17: I've just finished both campaigns, and while they were enjoyable overall, I do think that they leave you wanting more, especially in terms of story. The ending of each campaign feels somewhat abrupt, despite how grand the final levels are.

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