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Original Title: The Son Of Davy Crockett

Genge: Action,Adventure,Western








































The last solo-starring feature film Bill Elliott made for Columbia, as his next eight westerns for Columbia featured Tex Ritter as his co-star. Young Dave Crockett and his sidekick Cannonball find themselves on the trail of water-hole poisoners in the territory known as The Yucca Strip which, through a surveying error, is neither part of the United States nor Indian Territory. King Canfield, self-appointed ruler of the strip, is determined to see that the residents can't vote themselves into the Union through an honest election. Crockett and Cannonball side with the ranchers and townspeople against Canfield and his legion of henchmen to establish the strip as part of Texas.Accuracy footnote: Gail Pictures, Inc. had no connection at all to the production of this film (as shown on site), as Gail Pictures was a TV distributor only. Columbia produced and distributed it to theaters, and Gail had it for television, while Astor pictures had it for re-issue showings after WW II.
Due to a surveying error the Yucca Strip is neither in the United States or Mexico and is ruthlessly controlled by King Canfield. So President Grant sends Dave Crockett as his unofficial agent. Dave gets Canfield to allow a vote but Canfield then puts his gang to work coercing the men to make sure the vote fails.
While strictly B fare, this modest little film zips right along. Elliot is excellent, Hayes has lines that don't insult your intelligence and Iris Meredith is easy on the eyes.
Wild Bill Elliott plays the title role in The Son Of Davy Crockett also named Davy or Dave to tell them apart for the audience. In this film he's got a mission from no less than President Ulysses S. Grant.

It seems as though a surveyor's error has left a piece of the west in a technical limbo. The piece is called Yucca Strip and it's got itself a self styled monarch played by Kenneth MacDonald.

So Elliott and sidekick Dub Taylor have themselves a mission to see that an honest plebiscite is run and the place can become a legitimate part of the USA.

Released in July of 1941 The Son Of Davy Crockett no doubt found an audience who were seeing a lot of tinpot dictators springing up and causing all kinds of problems for honest citizens around the world. This was something no descendant of Davy Crockett would stand for.

With the political overtones for the adults, The Son Of Davy Crockett was action filled enough for Saturday afternoon kids in the summer of 1941.

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